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Two classes left. WOW! Crazy isn’t it?
Here is what’s left to tackle for the rest of the semester.


PAPER: Please provide a short write up/paper that includes the following:

  • Name:
  • Blog Address:
  • LinkedIn Address:
  • Twitter Handle:
  • What you learned and accomplished this semester:
  • Your thoughts on our books and guest lecturers (what you liked/didn’t like):
  • Your thoughts on the assignments:
  • Your thoughts on the client project:
  • Your tips for improving the class (assignments to include such as video, audio, etc.):

Please note, I do value input. It’s a challenge to teach so much content in 16 weeks, but I do know there are always ways to improve. We’ll discuss these topics in class as well.

Any questions?

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Client Project Deliverables

ITEM 1: Paper/report
This a professional quality report you will turn in. You will give one copy to me and one to the client. I recommend turning the report in a quality folder.Here is how I recommend structuring the report:

  1. Provide a brief situational analysis (state the question/problem you are working on). Include background on why the athletic department wants help with this area and desired goals. This section essentially lets the client know you understand their current problem and their goals.
  2. Provide a brief overview of what the athletic department is currently doing or what they have done to try to address the problem/issue in the past. For example, has the athletic department tried to provide smaller or lesser known sports using social media in the past? Have the used Twitter or a Facebook campaign? Have they used YouTube? If so, what type of results did they get? If they failed, why do you think they failed?
  3. Provide an overview of any research you conducted. For example, with the chant issue, have any other institutions used social media at their schools to start new traditions, chants or stop problematic behaviors at games? If so, what did they do and how did they use social media to achieve their goals? The purpose of this section is to let the client know you researched the problem and look for working case studies/examples for around the web
  4. Provide your recommendations. For example, what social media channels should they use? How should they use them (how often should they use them, what type of content should they post, how do they gather the content, how do they manage content production and sharing, how do they manage engagement). How long will it take for them to see results? What results do you recommend they look for/measure?

ITEM 2: Oral Presentation
Each group will provide a 10-15 minute professional presentation to the entire class on May 2nd. The presentation can include a PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. but this is not required. For the most part, your presentation will be an oral presentation of what is in your paper/report. Mike Walsh, Alex, Nate, Leona and I will be jointly judging/grading the presentations.

Grading will be based on the following

  1. quality of report
  2. quality of presentation
  3. your peers in your group rating your involvement and contributions to the project.

Any questions?

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April 9: Client Project Kick-off

Here are the client questions from today:

  1. How could we do a 100 day countdown to kickoff incorporating Twitter and Facebook?
  2. How can we drive up followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook for smaller sports.  (not FB, MBB, MHKY)
  3. Using social media, how can we team up with student-athletes to promote what they do on and off the field?  Handoff Facebook and Twitter pages to student-athletes for a week?
  4. How can we improve upon the #UWGameday campaign if we were to do it again?  Particularly, how can we get more fans involved? (scroll slowly)
  5. How to use social media to get rid of inappropriate chants?
  • Please choose your team members (team of 4-5)
  • Select 1 question to dig deep on. We have until May 2nd to complete our research.


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April 4: Alex Talks Facebook

Alex provided a guest lecture on Facebook. Check your email for his slide deck.

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March 7: The Sales Lion Roars

So great to have Marcus Sheridan join us for class today. We discussed keywords, search and lots of other cool topics. We had to use WebEx because of a technical glitch so I’ll see if Marcus can share the video with us.

HOMEWORK: Reaction paper and plan on attending Tweetchat on Sunday night hosted by Mack Collier


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Class 12: Focusing Audiences

Great discussion today about technical and tactical questions with WordPress, Twitter and focusing your message to a key audience.

Many of you had audiences that were too broad, so we discussed how to narrow down your audience.  We did an in-class example of someone interested in working in the fitness arena. We compared the Dustin Maher audience with the Monkey Bar Gym audience.  We noted how each site catered their content to their audiences.  Don’t be afraid to narrowcast.  I am more concerned about you having audiences that are too broad.

We did an in class persona exercise trying to narrow down our target markets.  in you can read more about personas here.

Your homework is to:

  • Work on refining your audiences and make sure your blog post titles speak to them.
  • Continue your Twitter outreach.
  • Work on post #5 and #6
  • Review your about page. Is there anything you want to change? Next class we will review our “about” pages as well as dig into Twitter more.
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Homework Class 11

Write short update paper on your current progress. How are you progressing with making industry connections on Twitter and commenting on blogs When you “Google” yourself, are you getting better results? What are you struggling with? Where are you succeeding? Finish the Tao Get active on Twitter

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Class 10: Joe Pulizzi Talks Content Marketing, Blogging LinkedIn, SlideShare and More (and Homework)

What a great guest we had today in LSC 432. Joe Pulizzi brought is A+ game for sure. Here is the interview with the founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

What are your key takeaways?
I’ll be reviewing the interview and putting my key takeaways on my business site later this week.


  1. Write a response paper OR blog post about what you learned from Joe and how you can apply it to your topic area.
  2. Write posts 3 and 4.
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Class Notes from Today

Here is the homework due Thursday:

Complete your Strategy Doc. Remember this is a professional document so make it polished. Here are the recommended sections

  • SECTION 1: Cover Page. Include your Name, Blog Title and Address and Your Social Media Accounts (list them out with addresses)
  • SECTION 2: Purpose and Goals (take from Minute #1)
  • SECTION 3: Primary Audience (Minutes #2 and #3)
  • SECTION 4: Secondary Audience (Minutes #2 and #3)
  • SECTION 5: Key Accounts/Sites You’ll Target (why you will follow them and how you will connect with them such as Twitter, commenting on their blogs, etc.
  • SECTION 6: Blog Topics (Minute #4)
  • SECTION 6: Social Media Tools and Usage (which tools you plan on using and how often you plan on using them)


Tweet questions for Joe Pulizzi @juntajoe and check out the Content Marketing Institute. Start paying attention to how social media and the website integrate for targeted connections.

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Class 8: Notes from Today

Great discussion today about what we’ve learned so far from Stanford Smith, Erin Podolak and Mark Schaefer. They are three amazing people who have a lot to teach us and I’m impressed by what you all have learned from them.

Also, we had a excellent discussion in my group about our projects. Remember that your peer teams are excellent sounding boards for advice, blog topics, comments and interviews. If we support one another, I guarantee you that you will be amazed at what you each accomplish this semester and what you collectively accomplish.

Please let me know how things went in your group.


  1. Write your first two blog posts (or next two if you’ve already written them). Remember, each extra blog post your write beyond 20 will count as extra credit.
  2. Read Tao of Twitter Chapters 9 -14 (pages 81 – 132 for those who have the book). I forgot to mention this in class
  3. Please email me which group you were in today. Mine, Leona’s, Nate’s or Alex’s. You will be working with your support teams for the remainder of the semester.
  4. Finalize your list of groups you will be following. Next week you will be turning all the exercises from Stanford Smith and your key accounts to follow in a booklet similar to the one I handed out last week (Flavorfull Strategy Doc).


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