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Class 7: Mark Schaefer Talks Twitter

Here is the interview with Mark Schaefer from yesterday. Read page 49-80 of the Tao of Twitter as well as the chapter on Twitter chats.

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Class 6: Twitter Intro by Alex Kowlasky

Today was our jumping into the deep end with Twitter. Thanks so much to Alex Kowalsky for a fantastic introduction. I loved seeing how he handles working on such a large account. He recommended using Tweetdeck which is a great tool. Hootsuite is my weapon of choice. Both are excellent tools.

For homework,

  • Post about your topic on your blog. Why do you care about it? Who do you want to help? How are you adding value? Tweet the address of your blog using the class #lsc432. Select an appropriate theme.
  • We are holding off on #blogchat until next Sunday night. The plan is to attend #blogchat next Sunday night. Attendance will be taken.
  • Begin reading “Tao of Twittter p1-48
  • Tweet any questions you have to @markwschafer
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Class 5: SpreeCast with Erin Podolak on Starting Strong

Today we will interview Erin Podolak via Spreecast about how to get started with developing your digital footprint in an effective way. Erin was in 432 last Spring and has done some amazing things in the last 12 months. She shares not only her story, but also her tips and advice on what you can do to make strategic connections in your field.

Regarding homework, here is what’s one the plate for Thursday.

  • Tweet your best tips from Erin and write a short paper (>1 page) that includes your “ahas” and key takes aways from the interview.
  • Start Stakeholder Stalk: Research and list out at least 10 key accounts to connect with a brief description explaining why they are valuable to you and your goals. Consider how you will connect with them. Will you start following them on Twitter? Commenting on their blogs? Connecting via LinkedIn?
  • Copyblogger Read this article from Copyblogger about headline writing. We’ll be discussing more on headlines later on
    Read This article from Erin on how to overcome the blank page
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Homework, Reviewing Stanford and Previewing Erin Podolak

A quick post class wrap up from today. I hope you got a ton of value from Stanford Smith joining class. I personally took a ton of great ideas away from today. Now it’s time to implement then.


  • write a reflection paper on your key takeaways from today. Focus on information Stan provided that you can act on to have a great start to your blogging and social media activities.
  • Watch the Erin Podolak interview. Tweet your questions to her before class. Just a reminder, this is part of your participation grade @erinpodolak
  • work on Minute #4 of the 7 Minute Blog Strategy


I apologize for the audio difficulty with SpreeCast. Next week we might do a Google Hangout instead. However, you can watch a reply of Stan’s visit here. The interview starts around 10:00 minutes in, you can skip to that point.


I recommend using just because I have a lot of experience with it. They have great WordPress support (one click installation). You also get a free domain name for the first year ($9.95 value) as well. If you sign up for the annual hosting plan with them, you can use the discount code OrangeCheetah97 (my kids picked the name) and you’ll receive $79 off the first year of hosting. So a year of hosting with a domain will cost around $25 for the year.

Other good hosting options include and I’m sure there are others too, however I don’t have discount codes for them. Does anyone else have recommendations?

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Class 3 Notes

Great class today everyone. I know it’s hard to choose your topic, so I hope today’s class and breakout session helped you realize you have options and content to contribute. Remember, your content (eBooks) should speak to your key audiences and help them solve a problem, challenge or need they have.


  • Complete Minute #2 and Minute #3 homework from Stanford Smith’s 7 Minute Blog Strategy. Print and bring to class.
  • Google Yourself Assignment
  • Begin working on your about page for your blog
  • Prepare questions for Stanford Smith joining up. You can tweet questions to him @pushingsocial
  • Watch video interview with Chris Craft (the video isn’t uploaded yet. Having issues with my YouTube account).
  • Do you want to have your own domain name and hosting? Let us know. I might do an in-class session for you next week.

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Class 2: Topics, Big Results Case Studies and Homework

Here is the slide deck from class today. Remember, this is the time to think critically about your topic.The case studies include some of my favorite people online and demonstrate the value of topic. Great examples of what can be done include:

Any questions, you know where to find me on Twitter 😉
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Homework for next class

Great class today everyone. Very excited about the semester. Here is your homework for Thursday.

  • Investigate your options for creating a personal blog using a tool such as WordPress, Tumblr or another tool of your choosing.
  • Set up basic Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for professional use (if you haven’t already). Tweet to me using the class hashtag #lsc432 so we can create a class list. Tweet what your potential blog topics might be (based on your professional interests and ambitions) and if you’ll be using WordPress, Tumblr or another publishing platform.
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