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Two classes left. WOW! Crazy isn’t it?
Here is what’s left to tackle for the rest of the semester.


PAPER: Please provide a short write up/paper that includes the following:

  • Name:
  • Blog Address:
  • LinkedIn Address:
  • Twitter Handle:
  • What you learned and accomplished this semester:
  • Your thoughts on our books and guest lecturers (what you liked/didn’t like):
  • Your thoughts on the assignments:
  • Your thoughts on the client project:
  • Your tips for improving the class (assignments to include such as video, audio, etc.):

Please note, I do value input. It’s a challenge to teach so much content in 16 weeks, but I do know there are always ways to improve. We’ll discuss these topics in class as well.

Any questions?

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Client Project Deliverables

ITEM 1: Paper/report
This a professional quality report you will turn in. You will give one copy to me and one to the client. I recommend turning the report in a quality folder.Here is how I recommend structuring the report:

  1. Provide a brief situational analysis (state the question/problem you are working on). Include background on why the athletic department wants help with this area and desired goals. This section essentially lets the client know you understand their current problem and their goals.
  2. Provide a brief overview of what the athletic department is currently doing or what they have done to try to address the problem/issue in the past. For example, has the athletic department tried to provide smaller or lesser known sports using social media in the past? Have the used Twitter or a Facebook campaign? Have they used YouTube? If so, what type of results did they get? If they failed, why do you think they failed?
  3. Provide an overview of any research you conducted. For example, with the chant issue, have any other institutions used social media at their schools to start new traditions, chants or stop problematic behaviors at games? If so, what did they do and how did they use social media to achieve their goals? The purpose of this section is to let the client know you researched the problem and look for working case studies/examples for around the web
  4. Provide your recommendations. For example, what social media channels should they use? How should they use them (how often should they use them, what type of content should they post, how do they gather the content, how do they manage content production and sharing, how do they manage engagement). How long will it take for them to see results? What results do you recommend they look for/measure?

ITEM 2: Oral Presentation
Each group will provide a 10-15 minute professional presentation to the entire class on May 2nd. The presentation can include a PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. but this is not required. For the most part, your presentation will be an oral presentation of what is in your paper/report. Mike Walsh, Alex, Nate, Leona and I will be jointly judging/grading the presentations.

Grading will be based on the following

  1. quality of report
  2. quality of presentation
  3. your peers in your group rating your involvement and contributions to the project.

Any questions?

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April 9: Client Project Kick-off

Here are the client questions from today:

  1. How could we do a 100 day countdown to kickoff incorporating Twitter and Facebook?
  2. How can we drive up followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook for smaller sports.  (not FB, MBB, MHKY)
  3. Using social media, how can we team up with student-athletes to promote what they do on and off the field?  Handoff Facebook and Twitter pages to student-athletes for a week?
  4. How can we improve upon the #UWGameday campaign if we were to do it again?  Particularly, how can we get more fans involved? (scroll slowly)
  5. How to use social media to get rid of inappropriate chants?
  • Please choose your team members (team of 4-5)
  • Select 1 question to dig deep on. We have until May 2nd to complete our research.


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April 2: In class Blog Post Challenge

We did an in class blog post challenge today. You proved you can crank out 2 posts in an hour.

Homework: Keep working on your accounts (blog, Tweeting, etc.)

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Preview of Classes 13 and 14

I know at least 4 of you attended the optional #blogchat last night in preparation for next Sunday’s chat. We’ll briefly discuss the experience in class tomorrow. Joy, Benny, Kathi and Jake would you be willing to share your experience with class? It’d be great to hear from a newbie’s perspective what the first #blogchat was like for you.

BTW, the topic for the #blogchat next Sunday will be “I wish I knew this when I started” where a large number of bloggers with a wide variety of experience will share their best tips and advice they wished they .

Also, I want everyone to read this article from the NY Times before class on Thursday. It features our next guest lecture, Marcus Sheridan who will be joining us this upcoming Thursday.

He will be talking about a variety of topics including keywords, blog post titles, long-tail vs. short-tail titles and optimizing your blog posts for search.

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Homework Class 11

Write short update paper on your current progress. How are you progressing with making industry connections on Twitter and commenting on blogs When you “Google” yourself, are you getting better results? What are you struggling with? Where are you succeeding? Finish the Tao Get active on Twitter

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Changes to the Class Schedule for this Week

As I mentioned in class last Thursday, Mark Schaefer will be joining us in class on Tuesday, February 12 rather than Thursday February 14th. Therefore, we will flip our days for this week.

Please make sure to have questions ready for Mark on Tuesday as I will be calling on people to ask there most pressing questions. See you Tuesday for an outstanding guest lecturer.

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Class 5: SpreeCast with Erin Podolak on Starting Strong

Today we will interview Erin Podolak via Spreecast about how to get started with developing your digital footprint in an effective way. Erin was in 432 last Spring and has done some amazing things in the last 12 months. She shares not only her story, but also her tips and advice on what you can do to make strategic connections in your field.

Regarding homework, here is what’s one the plate for Thursday.

  • Tweet your best tips from Erin and write a short paper (>1 page) that includes your “ahas” and key takes aways from the interview.
  • Start Stakeholder Stalk: Research and list out at least 10 key accounts to connect with a brief description explaining why they are valuable to you and your goals. Consider how you will connect with them. Will you start following them on Twitter? Commenting on their blogs? Connecting via LinkedIn?
  • Copyblogger Read this article from Copyblogger about headline writing. We’ll be discussing more on headlines later on
    Read This article from Erin on how to overcome the blank page
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Homework, Reviewing Stanford and Previewing Erin Podolak

A quick post class wrap up from today. I hope you got a ton of value from Stanford Smith joining class. I personally took a ton of great ideas away from today. Now it’s time to implement then.


  • write a reflection paper on your key takeaways from today. Focus on information Stan provided that you can act on to have a great start to your blogging and social media activities.
  • Watch the Erin Podolak interview. Tweet your questions to her before class. Just a reminder, this is part of your participation grade @erinpodolak
  • work on Minute #4 of the 7 Minute Blog Strategy


I apologize for the audio difficulty with SpreeCast. Next week we might do a Google Hangout instead. However, you can watch a reply of Stan’s visit here. The interview starts around 10:00 minutes in, you can skip to that point.


I recommend using just because I have a lot of experience with it. They have great WordPress support (one click installation). You also get a free domain name for the first year ($9.95 value) as well. If you sign up for the annual hosting plan with them, you can use the discount code OrangeCheetah97 (my kids picked the name) and you’ll receive $79 off the first year of hosting. So a year of hosting with a domain will cost around $25 for the year.

Other good hosting options include and I’m sure there are others too, however I don’t have discount codes for them. Does anyone else have recommendations?

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Class 4 Prep

We’ve got Stanford Smith from Pushing Social joining us to talk blogging and the business of blogging tomorrow.

Here is the link to the SpreeCast. Make sure to be on time and be logged into a computer or other device.

Before class, make sure to tweet your questions to Stan @pushingsocial and use the class hashtag #lsc432.




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