Class 12: Focusing Audiences

28 Feb

Great discussion today about technical and tactical questions with WordPress, Twitter and focusing your message to a key audience.

Many of you had audiences that were too broad, so we discussed how to narrow down your audience.  We did an in-class example of someone interested in working in the fitness arena. We compared the Dustin Maher audience with the Monkey Bar Gym audience.  We noted how each site catered their content to their audiences.  Don’t be afraid to narrowcast.  I am more concerned about you having audiences that are too broad.

We did an in class persona exercise trying to narrow down our target markets.  in you can read more about personas here.

Your homework is to:

  • Work on refining your audiences and make sure your blog post titles speak to them.
  • Continue your Twitter outreach.
  • Work on post #5 and #6
  • Review your about page. Is there anything you want to change? Next class we will review our “about” pages as well as dig into Twitter more.
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