Class 6: Twitter Intro by Alex Kowlasky

11 Feb

Today was our jumping into the deep end with Twitter. Thanks so much to Alex Kowalsky for a fantastic introduction. I loved seeing how he handles working on such a large account. He recommended using Tweetdeck which is a great tool. Hootsuite is my weapon of choice. Both are excellent tools.

For homework,

  • Post about your topic on your blog. Why do you care about it? Who do you want to help? How are you adding value? Tweet the address of your blog using the class #lsc432. Select an appropriate theme.
  • We are holding off on #blogchat until next Sunday night. The plan is to attend #blogchat next Sunday night. Attendance will be taken.
  • Begin reading “Tao of Twittter p1-48
  • Tweet any questions you have to @markwschafer
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