Class 8: Notes from Today

14 Feb

Great discussion today about what we’ve learned so far from Stanford Smith, Erin Podolak and Mark Schaefer. They are three amazing people who have a lot to teach us and I’m impressed by what you all have learned from them.

Also, we had a excellent discussion in my group about our projects. Remember that your peer teams are excellent sounding boards for advice, blog topics, comments and interviews. If we support one another, I guarantee you that you will be amazed at what you each accomplish this semester and what you collectively accomplish.

Please let me know how things went in your group.


  1. Write your first two blog posts (or next two if you’ve already written them). Remember, each extra blog post your write beyond 20 will count as extra credit.
  2. Read Tao of Twitter Chapters 9 -14 (pages 81 – 132 for those who have the book). I forgot to mention this in class
  3. Please email me which group you were in today. Mine, Leona’s, Nate’s or Alex’s. You will be working with your support teams for the remainder of the semester.
  4. Finalize your list of groups you will be following. Next week you will be turning all the exercises from Stanford Smith and your key accounts to follow in a booklet similar to the one I handed out last week (Flavorfull Strategy Doc).


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