More on Targeting a Specific Audience

04 Mar

As we’ve gone through the strategy documents, we’ve noticed many of you still have very broad audiences. We discussed narrowing your audiences last week Thursday, but I wanted to share a couple of additional resources.


Jay Baer of Convince and Convert conducted an interview with Erika Napoletano about the importance of being unpopular. They discuss her book, “The Power of Unpopular“. Watch this interview! It will help you understand why you need to narrow your target.


I was discussing personas with a couple of people during #blogchat last night and met Ernest Barbaric. Ernest shared a post about how he creates advanced target market profiles. I found this article to be very helpful (we’ll be looking at his slide deck tomorrow).

*** Please note how I connected with Ernest. We were both in #blogchat last night. I never met him before last night. He joined in a conversation related to one of his areas of expertise. He was monitoring the chatter, jumped in to a relevant conversation and share a number of quality resources, including his blog post. He wasn’t pushy or self-promotional. He was just helpful. Now, thanks to his reaching out, I’m promoting and using his post in our class at UW-Madison. Pretty cool huh?

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