Overview || Syllabus


In the past few years, a dizzying array of technologies have become mainstream communication tools. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, smart phones, tablets and other tools have had major impacts on how we communicate with one another. And don’t forget, there are emerging tools that are still having impact on society.

In this course, we will explore a variety of contemporary communication technologies and how to leverage them for individual and organizational purposes. We will discuss the concepts of social media strategy, relationship marketing and how these technologies are affecting our lives. The teaching style of this class is experimental through integrated methods adapted from communications, psychology and marketing mindsets.

And we will DO. After all, the purpose of education isn’t knowledge it’s action!

We will review case studies, interview outstanding guest lecturers, build our own online brand and create a strategic communications toolkit for a non-profit. We will rely on tools such as Twittter, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, Skype and Vimeo, etc. So be prepared to push yourself, learn a ton and engage!




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