This strategic communications course is taught in with a mix of theory and hands-on labs. We will focus our time on core concepts and technologies needed to create a successful social media presence. You will practice what you are learning by doing. What will you be doing? Creating and maintaining your own blog, Twitter account (and any other accounts you choose) on a topic you are passionate about (and is life science related) and a LinkedIn account. You must produce written, audio and video content.

We will cover topics around 4 loosely defined sections over the course of the semester. These include:

  1. Learning to find your professional voice/topic and set up your profiles tools (Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  2. Feeding the Beast: Creating a content development strategy (Producing Content)
  3. Engagement strategies and tactics (Connecting with High Value People)
  4. Measuring the impact of your activities (Metrics)

During the semester, we will cover topics including:

  • picking a topic for becoming a thought leader
  • setting up a listening and inbound marketing plan
  • understanding the value of the social media tools available today
  • stakeholder identification: identifying thought leaders and stakeholders
  • stakeholder stalks: working to engage with thought leaders and stakeholders
  • reviewing case studies
  • creating your own professional blog
  • writing compelling blog posts and setting up a production schedule
  • recording, editing and adding audio and video posts
  • using complimentary tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and emerging tools such as Pinterest to share your expertise
  • analyzing impacts of your activities

This list is by no mean fully exhaustive. The field is changing too rapidly to be exhaustive. However, we will focus on the core fundamentals needed to establish a strong foundation for success online.




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